Why would anyone pay for an RTOS or other embedded software?

Maybe this is a question you have asked.  Maybe it’s a question you live by. After all, why pay for software when you can download something similar at no cost?

  1. You’ve heard it before but you do get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean that a free RTOS is worthless. What it does mean is that you are on your own. Maybe you’re the hero type; a talented embedded engineer that can code yourself out of any situation. Maybe you trust the “community” to help you out if you get into trouble. Maybe you are a newbie and a bit naive about the complexity of embedded development.
  2. It’s not really free. What I mean is that it may be free to you (to use) but somebody paid for it. Maybe it was a microcontroller supplier trying to lure you in to using their platform. User beware; you could be locking yourself in to an software platform with limited functionality & support and no upgrade path. Or maybe the license locks you in to a particular processor supplier. What if you want to change?
  3. What about middleware? So you downloaded a free RTOS but then you realize you need USB or TCP/IP or a file system? What do you do? License a bunch of software pieces from different suppliers and then piece them together?

At Quadros Systems you are purchasing value and expertise, with years of embedded development expertise. A company that will stand by you, to get you through those days when you are stuck on a difficult problem and behind schedule.

Developing reliable embedded systems is not easy. The smallest integration detail or incorrect parameter can take weeks to debug. Getting the right advice at the beginning of your project can be of critical importance. At Quadros Systems we take the time to understand your project and the assumptions and requirements behind it. And then we try to match our software to what you need. If we don’t have it, we won’t try to force-fit a substandard solution to make a sale.

Want to work with an RTOS company that cares about results? Contact us at +1 832-351-2830, use our information request form to tell us about your project, or send an email to info@quadros.com.

Get more information about the Quadros Difference here.

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